Tax Return List

– Social Security Number or ITIN for all family members(Yourself, Spouse, Children, and etc)
W2 or 1099-Misc / Amount of the Income
Form 1098 –  Mortgage (If any)
Form 1099 Int – Interest (If any)
Donations Letters or receipts to any Non-Profit Organization(Church, Red Cross, etc)
Any other forms you may have (401K, IRA, W-2G, 1099-C, 1099-A, 1098-T, 1098-E)
If you are (Self-Employed) this is the List of what you may need:

– Amount of Total Income – if there are no 1099-Misc
Cost with Materials and Supplies
Cost with Telephone/Pager (Used for work)
Equipments (If any)
Advertisement (If any)
Uniform  (If any) – Remember that uniform are colthes that have company logos or specially used for work – Regular clothing is not permitted.
Amount paid to Employees or sub-contractor – (If any)
Rent or Lease of Machinery or Equipment (If any)
Vehicle: (Total de Miles driven (jan-dec) how many of those miles were work related)**
Cost with Legal and Professional Services (If any)
– Tolls – (If any)
– Electricity, Gas – (If any)***
– Cellular Phone used for work (If any)
– Bank Service Charge (If any)
– Rent (If any)****
– Commercial Insurance (Worker’s Comp or Liability) – (If any)

*  Name / Address / Social Security Number or ITIN are necessary to be able to file cost with employees.

 **  A mileage log book with Oil change, Vehicle Inspection receipts are necessary to prove mileages.

 *** Cost with electricity and gas will only be eligible if there a specific place where the business is being used. Residential expenses are not permitted.

 **** Rent will only be eligible if its business related. Residential rent is not permitted.